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Type of food (dropdown list)

Food truck


Rooftop tapas

in hotel? – check box yes/no

seating for how many people?



Swim with a view

size of the pool

in hotel yes/no

Crafty market

which days
what do they sell


Food market

which days


what’s it about

opening times

Food to go



Quirky building?

what year built


Pizza pizza



Best Bars

which decor (modern, classic)

Famous for

unusual features?


what do they sell

is it in the city center?

Local bits

what is it?



Yummy tummy….

in hotel? y/n

does it have a terrace y/n

acting out

concerts y/n

plays y/n


Two other pages: Going Virtual and Frankies friends

Going virtual (separate page)

but also needs to be assigned to the different cities

Frankie’s friends



dmc owner?

favourite city

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