How it all started

Frankie has always noticed how good Els is on her computer. He’s not quite sure how she manages all her websites, but he’s always loved looking at all of the pictures she loads. He knows exactly what she’ll like and wants to impress her.

While Frankie was “resting” in the office he actually secretly set up his own social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

He is hoping that he might become an internet sensation and that it will attract some lady boxers one day!

You can follow Frankie and become part of his travels!

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About Frankie

Frankie is a beautiful Boxer who was born in 2017 in The Netherlands and lives with Jaapjan and Els in Schalkhaar.

He has grown up spending his days in the office in between his daily walks and spent many hours listening to them talking about their travel adventures and all the amazing destinations that they’ve visited over the many years.

With his booming voice, Jaapjan always talks to clients and DMC’s on the phone and even though Frankie seems disinterested he has secretly listened to every word and got more and more excited about the possibility of his own adventures.

If Els had watched him carefully she would have noticed his ears pricking up and his head turning slightly at the mention of New York or Prague or Vietnam!

So whilst on a walk with Els he finally plucked up the courage to ask her a bit more about the places he’s heard so much about and she immediately agreed that instead of being office bound that she would support him on his quest to explore the world.

Frankie cannot wait to get started and is already researching all the places he wants to visit.

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