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Frankie goes 2

Where are you going Frankie?

Frankie has firm friends in high places who all have top DMC agencies.

And they are  willing to take him on a journey through their countries to show him the highlights, the best museums, the yummy restaurants and the glorious hotels, where a dog can stretch out and take a nice nap.

Not only that, they sure know how to organise a party. Fantastic venues, gala dinners – Frankie can’t wait to learn all about it.

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Frankie’s friends

Of course, travelling on your own is no fun. Frankie would absolutely love to share his adventures with as many travel companions as would be available to join him along the way.

So, if you are lucky enough to be free to join Frankie on one of his journey’s he would absolutely love you to be part of it.

And of course, if you are a local in the destination, he’s visiting he’d be so grateful for any insider information about the best places to visit and where he and his friends can have the best fun.

Email Frankie and tell him a little about yourself. He loves his friends. 

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frankie goes for coffee

Coffee with Frankie

Frankie has coffee in the most exciting places!

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We have a bit of a competition going where the best coffee is served. Send Frankie an email and he’ll get the ball rolling.

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